My grandmothers flower garden

 This is one of my UFO’s 😉 
A grandmothers flower garden. The hexagons are 3/4 ” on a side. It is hand sewn of course. In the outer round are the papers. I have one whole round to go and than it is big enough to become a table cloth for our garden table.
I think it is now about 80 cm diameter.
I used to work on it in the holidays when we traveled around with our caravan.
Since we live in Norway ( 2002) we don’t travel so much anymore. We are happy on the place where we live now.
I really will work on this, in this year so that I can use it.


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6 Responses to My grandmothers flower garden

  1. cq4fun says:

    It's so pretty, and I love the way you photographed it on those bricks!

  2. BEA says:

    Great colours and I love the bricks as backgrous for the photo

  3. jennifer says:

    Beautiful hexies:)

  4. dq says:

    3/4 inch hexagons?? — Wow!

    It is lovely and very close.

  5. Anna says:

    Ati,Beautiful Hexagons!!!

  6. alizarinrose says:

    I love the garden concept of this quilt.

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