Deana’s flower garden

Back in the day when I was involved in many (too many) round robins, I had my friends make blocks for a bright grandmother’s flower garden.  Obviously I need to complete it. It is all hand pieced and will be a table topper in a hexagon shape.

I plan to put in just a few hours each month. It will not take as much work as some of your hexagon quilts, but I hope that your encouragement will keep me going.

Thank you Susan!

P.S. I have blue fabric laying behind the flowers just to see the effect. It really isn’t as put together as it looks.


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3 Responses to Deana’s flower garden

  1. Mommarock says:

    Oh I like it! I love the nice bright colors 🙂 It will be lovely to see when it is finished.

  2. I love that dark fabric behind it, though! Very pretty flowers!

  3. BEA says:

    I also like the dark behind the flowers, I think the quilt will be stunning

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