Momma’s Truckin!

I’m so excited about my progress on my hexagon quilt! Check out my pile of blocks!!
I also have a few blocks that are already stitched together.. I had to see how things were going to work when I started to stitch the blocks together.. pretty cool! So I’m getting really close to making a quilt top now.. Yippee!! I have a few more blocks to make, and then I will lay it out, and make sure I don’t have any flowers that are the same next to (or too close to) each other. Stitch it together. After that, I will have to make the partial blocks that will fill in the edges.. making it all square. SO very excited everyone.

Now, I’m loving this so much, and seeing so many hexagons all over the internet, that I am ready to make ANOTHER hexagon quilt!! Nutz right? Well, I’m considering a very special kind of hexagon quilt. I want to make a fussy cut hexagon quilt. 1 1/2″ sides.. the same as I’m using now, nice and big… But I want to have them be fussy cut so that cute pictures or nice designs turn out on each hexagon, and each hex in the quilt is different!! I think that it will be such a fun and exciting quilt for a grandchild (someday) to cuddle up under. Do you remember snuggling under a crazy quilt or scrappy quilt at grandma’s house, and looking for that favorite piece of fabric? That is what I can envision them doing. Today I went to Walmart and hit the clearance fabric and found some cute character prints. I have them in the washing machine now. I hope to find some other people who are interested in doing the same thing.. so that I can exchange hexagons with them.. and we can all exchange some wonderful fussy cut hexagons, or fabulous fabric make that special quilt!


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3 Responses to Momma’s Truckin!

  1. That's a huge pile! I am looking forward to seeing them laid out together. You've made a lot of progress. The swap idea sounds terrific, too. I'd have to find some hexie papers that size, but I know just where to get them.

    Usually picking out the different fabrics in an “I Spy” quilt when sick!

  2. Donna says:

    I like the swap idea. I have several shoe boxes full of scraps I would be quite willing to pass along. I love your quilt so far, and your idea for the next quilt. I used to cuddle up under my Great Granma's depression era Flower Garden quilt and try to count the pieces.

  3. BEA says:

    My you do have a nice pile of Hexagons. I also loved sleeping under my grandma's quilts, but they were so heavy. I remember that they had lots and lots of different colours in them but I can not for the life of me remember what the patterns were.

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