My Busy Week

Was in the mood, so I got quite a bit done. I got a box in the mail from a friend who said she had some scraps she could send me. Quite a big box, actually. I think maybe she should have used the word ‘lots’ instead of ‘some,’ because it came out to 249 hexagons. Then I attacked a bag of scraps I hadn’t dealt with yet, and came up with 261 more hexagons. All cut and stacked and counted, now, ready for sorting and matching. I also basted up 22 more flowers worth of hexagons. Each stack you see in the picture is a single flower with its 5 path pieces. This isn’t the glamorous part of a hexie quilt, is it?


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4 Responses to My Busy Week

  1. Ann Marie says:

    I will be watching to see these hexies come to life!

  2. Mommarock says:

    Oh but the fabrics are so pretty!! That is a fun part! I am already dreaming of another hexie quilt. I want to do a fussy cut one with each hexie a different fabric.. instead of all red flowers like I've been working on.. I think something has gone wrong in my head. But this way, you get to love on the fabric more LOL.. and then generations of children will get to search for their favorite piece of fabric.. now that is the part I'm in love with. So, I'm trying to collect fabric for it now. A little as I go.

  3. Not the glamorous part, no, but I kind of enjoy the making of the flowers, more than the joining of them. Mine is the 3/4, but next time it's going to be bigger pieces! I love how many you got from “some” scraps from your friend!

  4. Donna says:

    It is fun, I like sitting and cutting and enjoying and making. It just isn't the flashy part everyone gets to see. But then, I enjoy sorting and counting and fiddly stuff. You will probably notice that I will always give measurements and counts. Can't help myself.

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