Hexagon Roll Call

It’s been several months since anyone posted progress on a hexagon project. Let’s all show what we’ve been doing with our hexagons. For my part, I must report almost nothing. My sewing time all fall was very limited, and none of it was spent on the hexagon quilt. I did buy larger paper pieces and purchase some cute bugs and other fabrics, and even cut out several to stitch, but … I’ve lost them. I guess it’s time to clean the quilt studio again!

It is going on my Get It Done list for

How are the rest of you doing?


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2 Responses to Hexagon Roll Call

  1. Mommarock says:

    I finished my hexagon quilt, and I have been researching other English paper piecing projects. My second hexagon quilt is .. umm in the UFO bin.. as other projects have taken precedence.

  2. tubakk says:

    A hexagon quilt is never a UFO, for me at least. It just takes time to finish it, and it is a pleasure along the way.

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