My 1/2" hexagon quilt project

I’m new here, and have been invited to post my hexagon quilts. That’s a good idea, so I won’t forget them. Really I have a calendar to mark every flower I make. This one have been one block a month for many years now. As you understand by now I love hexagons.

This is a nice quilt to keep children, and adults as well, busy to find all the details. Can you spot the cat and the mice? And the bee?

Since last summer I’ve tried to figure out how to end this quilt. I think I’ll put some borders around it to get it a bit bigger. By now it’s about 30″x56″.

I have a couple of finished hexagon quilts, and more WIP hexagon quilts with different sized hexies.  May be you would like to see them?


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9 Responses to My 1/2" hexagon quilt project

  1. Mommarock says:

    Of course we would LOVE to see them.. this one is just lovely!!

  2. Oh, yes, show them all. We love hexagons, too! I love the brightness and scrappiness of this one.

  3. Melinda says:

    I love all the bright colors you are using. Would love to see your other projects.

  4. Denise :) says:

    Yes! You should definitely share them all! What a great idea for an I-Spy quilt!! 🙂

  5. Frances says:

    A lovely little hexi delight. I love the colours.

  6. Vireya says:

    Lovely! Lots of cute details in your fabrics.

  7. Sarah says:

    thanks for joining HeLP! I love the bright colors in your hexies. Have you decided on your borders yet?

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