Marcia’s Hexagon Quilt

I finally have a moment to add a picture of my completed hexagon quilt. It has been on my bed since just before Christmas. It was my goal to finish it before then, and I just made it by a squeak of my teeth I tell ya. So much going on since then. I have found that the blue pencil that I used didn’t wash out as well as I had hoped it would where I marked it heavily, but hopefully in time and a few washings it will fade. It is barely noticable, but having worked so hard on the quilt, I NOTICE!! I have added all of my steps to making this to my pinterest if anyone is interested


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2 Responses to Marcia’s Hexagon Quilt

  1. tubakk says:

    So perfect, this quilt. I love the way you quilted it. I've seen close-ups on Pinterest.

  2. Wow that's pretty! I loved seeing your homemade template on pinterest. That was a good pattern to use. Congratulations on making it through the end. I'm sure the blue will wash out in another wash or two. I use the purple air-erase one for CQ, but have used the blue one, and it always came out eventually, as long as I didn't let it get heat set.

    So what's the next hex project?

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