Hexagon wallhanging

This was the first really big quilt I made of hexagons. It took me nearly four years to finish it. The hexies are 1 1/4″ at the ends. I cut all the papers myself, and didn’t know about any precuts or standard sizes. The whole thing is handsewn and handquilted, of course.

Here you can see a close-up of the hexies. A bit difficult to see the quilting, but I quilted inside every hexagon. I made the pattern for this, and I like the way it came out. It is now my pride hanging in my hall.

I had to sew some bread basket clothes to find out what to do with the ends when I had quilted it all.


About dezertsuz

quilter, crazy quilter and stitcher
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3 Responses to Hexagon wallhanging

  1. Sarah says:

    Congrats on a great finish!

  2. That is a terrific design. No wonder it's your pride and joy of wallhangings! I love the design.

  3. ziggee says:

    beautiful wall hanging and basket cloth. Keep up the good work.

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