Little Waves of Hexagons!

I kept thinking I wanted long waves of hexagons instead of the traditional flowers. Did I mention how big 2″ hexagons are? I was sort of stranded for an idea of how to use the embroidery AND get the long rows instead of flowers. That would be a lot of white, and I didn’t want to embroider every one of them, so … in the evolving pattern, I have flowers in the center, maybe, with borders that are long rows – and I embroider a vine across the row! I’ll try to draw something up in the next few days to give a visual, but I like where my head is going with these!

Royal Society Vintage Tiny Transfers

There’s a suggestion for the first embroidery bit for flower number one here on cq4fun.

We have a couple of new members. I hope they’ll introduce themselves with a picture of an ongoing Hexagon project or a plan for this SAL! Welcome to the blog!


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One Response to Little Waves of Hexagons!

  1. NancyB85374 says:

    So sweet; and what a wonderful site for vintage embroidery. Thanks

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