2014 Goals

This year I have decided to write a post here every month to tell how these projects are growing.

First I have my La Passion. I’m hoping to sew at least 100 hexies to this every month. A long way to go before this from Grit, who made the pattern. You can also follow my progress here.

The next is this half hexagon quilt. I plan to sew at least 3 block to it every month.

Also a half hexie project, but with different colours and way of joining the pieces. Hope to join 5 blocks to it each month. You can read more about the two last projects here.

So now it’s up to me to show you that I can do it. Look for an update in a month’s time.


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13 Responses to 2014 Goals

  1. A Nudge says:

    Wow – love your color combinations, Turid! I'll be sure to come back and see your progress.

  2. I'll be looking! You are wonderfully ambitious!

  3. amyrdh says:

    Love the colors! I need to try half hexies, they make such a neat pattern .

  4. Julie in GA says:

    I love that half hexagon piece in blues and greens. Your “La Passion” is amazing!

  5. verpa says:

    I ike your LA Passion colour combination, it´s so modern.

  6. Mommmmmm! says:

    What a great resolution. I can't wait to see your beautiful quilts grow!

  7. margaret says:

    look forward to seeing how each of these grow month by month

  8. tubakk says:

    Thank you all! With you following and waiting, I have to keep up the good work every month. You encourage me a lot.

  9. Nita says:

    It had not occurred to me all the designs that can be made with half hexagons! I am working on my first hexie quilt. Maybe a half hexie one will be next!

  10. jan says:

    I love your La Passion quilt. The colors are terrific. can't wait to see your progress.
    Happy New year.

  11. Mariella says:

    All these projects give me so much inspiration! I am amazed by the diversity of design this simple method of quilt making renders! I can see I'll be busy to the end of my days!! Love all 3 projects. May I ask is there a tutorial somewhere on this blog for the half hexies?

  12. Mariella says:

    OK I read down further and found the link to the tutorial on half hexies!!

  13. Indianna says:

    La Passion is looking amazing, keep going and it will soon grow.

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