Thanks for Letting Me Join in on the FUN!!!

Hello, my name is Mariella and I live in Cancun, Mexico.  I have been quilting over 10 ten years and have been following this blog for some time.  Last summer I started making hexagons to have a project that didn’t require much equipment.  I belong to a quilt group here in Cancun and this type of sewing is easy to carry to our twice weekly meetings and I always have something ready to take without loads of planning and toting! Plus in the evenings I can work on my hexagons while sitting and watching TV with my husband.  I’ve really embraced the entire process.  I guess there’s nothing more to do than show photos of what I’ve come up with so far……Oh and thanks for letting me join in on the fun!!

This is just a little diamond I made.  It was my very first foray into English Paper Piecing.  It’s now waiting for further inspiration to ‘become’ something more……I was simply using up some scrap fabric and thinking of possibilities.

This is playing with petals – nothing is sewn together.  But I was getting an idea for Flowers on a green background.

These are just a bunch of flowers that I’d sewn together just getting a feel and maybe some ideas – I didn’t sew together the flowers – just laid them next to each other to see if they might like each other…..

Then I was wondering what the flowers would look like with some neutral hexagon separations…..just playing…no big plans to do anything further here ….. YET……

NOW I have an idea……and it’s going to be something like this…..with DARK flowers and LIGHT GREEN background in the upper left hand counter graduating into MEDIUM flowers and MEDIUM GREEN background in the middle and then running on into LIGHT flowers and DARK GREEN background down in the lower right hand corner ……at the time I pinned these ‘petals’ into the cardboard I didn’t yet have very many hexagons…..but I’ve been working on accumulating more…..

I’m really leaning about value!!!  and I’m learning that I need more green fabric…..awwww drats!!!
and I’ve started sewing together some flowers with some background green.  All these green hexagons came out of my “light green” hexagon box….you can see the variety of value in those hexagons….
I will be making even more divisions from just LIGHT, MEDIUM AND DARK in the future.
Well that’s where I am in my Hexagon Mania!!!
and thanks again for letting me join!!

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4 Responses to Thanks for Letting Me Join in on the FUN!!!

  1. tubakk says:

    Welcome to this group. Interesting to read about your first hexagons. I'm so eager to see them come together.

  2. I'm intrigued by both the blue one at the start and the one with the yellow/gold in between. All of your colors are wonderful. I look forward to seeing the green one develop, and then see what you do with the others.

  3. margaret says:

    you have certainly made a variety here, how lucky you are to have 2 quilting meetings a week, I am envious, certainly you will get plenty of advice and be able to advise too

  4. Mariella says:

    Thanks for your comments! It's so nice to have sister's in Hexagons!!!

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