A Little Advancement

Well, I got tried of making petals so I made another flower and I put all my flowers up on the design wall……..I’m gonna need more – much more……little by little!!  And I think I’ll have to make a decision whether to have one or two rounds of background around the flowers


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7 Responses to A Little Advancement

  1. tubakk says:

    Looking great! I would have had one round with background fabrics, as you've done here.

  2. You could mix them. I like the way the single ones look surrounding the double one. If you took that empty spot out with the same background pieces, you would probably need the double row ones in a circle around next, and then single rows again? It's a lot of work that way, though! I do like the background colors you are mixing here.

  3. margaret says:

    these look god and now I se you can use scraps and they work so well, thought before they all needed to be the same I am a beginner

  4. Mariella says:

    thanks for the comments! I am leaning towards the 'one round of background' idea but then I really like the 'mixed idea'……I'm thinking that I'd like to make a series of smaller hexagon projects using different ideas that come to mind as I make my 'petals'. It's just too fun pondering all the possibilities!! And yes I love scrappy….and I think I want to make one with scrappy flowers too!!! Then maybe a scrappy flower quilt with non-scrappy background…..just to see the how the different ideas come out.

  5. A Nudge says:

    These are so pretty! One row of background should do it – jmo. Thanks for linking to Hexie Weekend!

  6. Mommmmmm! says:

    I agree with desertskyquilts – mixing between the two would be fun!

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