One Wonderful Wednesday Hexagon

Quite some time ago, posting on my desertskyquilts wordpress blog January 17, 2013, to be exact, I collected quite a few fabrics to fussy cut some hexagons. I chose 1-1/4″ hexagons because I wanted to showcase these cute fabrics. I cut quite a few, basted two … and got distracted by other projects.

Anyway, now that I can’t work on my black star points hexagon until I find the black to make more star points, I decided it was time to do some of these, so I’d keep up with my goal of having something hexagony to post each Wednesday. (Is hexagony a word? You get it, though, right?)

This little guy comes into his own today, after more than twelve months of waiting!



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4 Responses to One Wonderful Wednesday Hexagon

  1. One word: A D O R A B L E!!!

  2. tubakk says:

    Really sweet. So happy that you found him again. I'd like more of him soon, please.

  3. Linda says:

    Love it!! What a cutie.

  4. Mariella says:

    It's very darling!! Happy Snails!!

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