Hi Susan, thanks for inviting me to contribute something to this blog. I am a patchworker that makes all my quilts by hand and I love hexagons, and used it in my very first quilt. I do all my quilts regardless of the size of the pattern pieces the EPP way except for my last quilt that was an Hawaiian quilt. The quilt shown here was started on the plane going to the US from South Africa to visit my twin brother in Texas and finished once I was home. I bought materials everywhere I was taken by my sister-in-law and my brother and it is a fun reminder of those happy days. It still needs quilting.


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  1. tubakk says:

    Welcome! This is a real nice piece of handwork. And it must be a great memory quilt. I'd like to see more of your quilts her, please.

  2. Mommmmmm! says:

    Lovely! I would also love to see your other quilts. 🙂

  3. That is so gorgeous! I don't know if I've ever seen a hexagon quilt with an applique center like that. Very creative! Yes, show us more. =)

  4. And what size are the hexagons?

  5. liniecat says:

    Stunning and with its own family provenance too, how delightful. yes would love to know what size hexis they are too?

  6. Mariella says:

    Oh this is gorgeous! Me too, I'd like to see more and know the hex sizes too. Welcome!

  7. This is such a pretty quilt! Love the colours used. I'll often look at something I've made and it'll take me right back to the place where I made it. This is a great keepsake of your trip to the US. Wendy x

  8. Thanks to everybody for your lovely comments! I am not too computer savvy and so only now found my way back here 😀 . will post a few more photos soon.

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