One Wonderful Wednesday Flower

Building on last week’s basting, I made this flower:

Did you see that was outside in the sunshine? Yay! It’s mid-50s and sunny today! Yes, I had to piece the fabric to get that sixth bird, but that’s alright with me. In the whole quilt it may not show up much, and even if it does, so what? It is what it is.
I bought these last week to make more hexagons:

The two with white backgrounds are also for another project. I will have to see how well they work for the hexagons, but the red one with chicks is only for the hexagons. Linking with One Flower Wednesday.


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8 Responses to One Wonderful Wednesday Flower

  1. I love that flower! And the new fabrics, too!

  2. Hilachas says:

    Just gotta love those blue birds. Beautiful flower!

  3. Mariella says:

    Oh WHORRRAAAYYYY for the sun!! and the birds look so happy out in it! I like the pieced bird!! and those are happy new fabrics! Right up my HEXAGON alley! LOL!!

  4. tubakk says:

    A lovely bird hexie flower. I didn't see the piecing before I read what you wrote. So that will totally disappear in the quilt. So happy to see that ypu've some sunshine too.

  5. LOVE the little bluebirds!! So cute. I didn't see the pieced hexie until you pointed it out, so I'm sure it will not show at all in a finished quilt. Wendy x

  6. The colours and prints in your hexie flowers are delightful.

  7. roseinmn says:

    love the blue birds and light blue middle 1 1/4 is my favorite size i think. Do you need to us 4 inch fabric squares then?

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