My newst hexy!!

Well mostly I’ve just been making more and more and more petals – and I’ve been distracted by other projects and went to a Quilt Expo in Mexico City and attended classes there on other techniques than hexagons.  Then I got pretty ill after my return…..still don’t know what it is but it’s playing havoc with my digestive track…..not fun!

BUT I looked in my hexagon kit and found a  flower that I don’t think I’ve posted.  Plus I realize it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  Then I read the most recent post about posting……so here I am to stake my claim to being part of this community!!

So I present to you a photo of my most recent flower……enjoy!


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quilter, crazy quilter and stitcher
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4 Responses to My newst hexy!!

  1. liniecat says:

    an attractive flower!
    hope your on the mend by now : )

  2. Thanks for posting this! Very pretty flower. I hope you are soon feeling like making more with all your pretty petals in the box.

  3. Mariella says:

    Thanks everyone! Yes, I'm feeling much better! and yes I think the flower is pretty too! This is such a relaxing process….I can see myself enjoying the work with hexagons for many years to come!

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