Housekeeping: Welcome New Author

Patti is joining us on Hexagon Alley. She’ll soon post an introduction, but if you want to see a couple of her projects, you can link to her blog, which is in the sidebar. Welcome, Patti!

And oh, look, Audrey is joining us, too! Her blog is on the sidebar, too. Audrey is new to paper piecing and got into it because of Angie, also a contributor to this blog, and blog linked in the sidebar.

If you have a blog, and I don’t have it in the sidebar, please let me know the address and I’ll add it.

If you decide you are through with hexagons, or through with posting about them, let me know so I can remove you as an author. That doesn’t mean you can’t read and comment, only that you can’t post. If you aren’t going to anyway, no need to stay on the list. There are a limited number of authors allowed.

<———LOOK! New Poll!

I didn’t get to finish my fussy-cut hexagon this week, so no post from me on Wednesday. Sometimes life happens. It’s more birds – fun little owls! It’ll be here this coming Wednesday!

Obligatory hexagon project picture – not mine! Sadly, the blog no longer exists, but the picture was still available on the internet search I did. Isn’t this gorgeous? I’d love to know about the maker.


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3 Responses to Housekeeping: Welcome New Author

  1. liniecat says:

    Welcome Patti and Audrey : )

  2. A Nudge says:

    This is gorgeous! Welcome, ladies!

  3. Mommmmmm! says:

    Welcome! I love seeing what everyone is working on – look forward to your posts!

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