One Wonderful Wednesday Flower

I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already again! But here is my finished hexagon, as promised. This might be the last one on this project for a while. I am not sure if I have one more set of paper pieces or not quite enough. But I have plenty of others to stitch! I did also do some black ones for the longest UFO hexagon project ever (1988!) to make setting triangles for the star points. (See Hexagon Alley blog button.) I imagine that’s the one I’ll work on next again.

I really wish there’d been a way to make those bugs march around in a circle, but there just wasn’t with the zig-zaggy way they were on the fabric, and the angles of the hexagons. Still cute, and I’ll keep it, though!

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2 Responses to One Wonderful Wednesday Flower

  1. A Nudge says:

    Love it! Center is so vibrant and the bugs so cute.

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