81 flowers done!

I missed last weeks check in, but I am still here! I now have 81 flowers done and it feels really good to lay them out and play around a little bit.


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quilter, crazy quilter and stitcher
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7 Responses to 81 flowers done!

  1. Sarah says:

    Such fun layout options!! Can't wait to see more….

  2. tubakk says:

    Just beautiful!

  3. cq4fun says:

    Oh, wow! How are you going to pick a favorite way to put them together? Just beautiful!

  4. liniecat says:

    fabulous! Love that second layout, it almost looks like the centre of a larger flower!

  5. verpa says:

    I love the first and second settings.

  6. A Nudge says:

    These are gorgeous! Love the variety of bold colors.

  7. Charo says:

    I love these flowers , all mixed up they look great!

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