Snowflake report

Second round is finished. It´s totaly  263 hexies, it means 136 new ones from last week. I like the result, it could be repeated as a big block, but my pattern needs one more blue row.

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8 Responses to Snowflake report

  1. tubakk says:

    So beautiful and smooth.

  2. cq4fun says:

    It's gorgeous! 136 in a week! Did you sleep? =)

  3. A Nudge says:

    Gorgeous – just a few more to do. Are you adding another border or is this it?

  4. verpa says:

    Thanks for comment. I´m going to add the third curvy blue row.

  5. You must cut hexies in your sleep! Lovely!

  6. Mariella says:

    That's a Hexagon Marathon!!! What a lovely job!! I'm still making hexagons and hoarding them. Your Snowflake is beautiful!!!

  7. Chantal says:

    This is so lovely. I don't think I've seen this pattern before. Just gorgeous. I think I will “borrow” it and make a table topper for winter. Gorgeous work you do. I saw your last post too and they are all lovely project. And what big glasses you have LOL. I know, I know the hexies are small. Great job.

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