July Hexi BOM ~

Not much hexi-ing done this month since I’ve been making up 3 of my ‘Dream Trees’ for someone, like this one below – the other two are on my current blog post if your interested in looking.
There’s an owl hiding in this one, a hedgehog, butterfly and some subtly hidden turquoise gems in the other two.

Anyway having called a halt to work on these trees, the penny dropped it was Julys month end and I hadn’t started on my hexi BOM!
So a frantic hexi session and this is the result, crappy pic sorry!
Mine is a vanilla and fudge ’99’ cornet.
All that means is that it has a Cadbury’s chocolate flake stuck in it : )
I’m stitching my blocks onto white on white fabric, so had to have vanilla and fudge ice cream.
It might have been strawberry and vanilla if I could have found some suitable pink fabric in my stash, but time was of the essence lol

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6 Responses to July Hexi BOM ~

  1. tubakk says:

    What a great hexie block. I have to do that one later.

  2. Mariella says:

    Oh what a yummy block!!! Makes me want ice cream!!!

  3. A Nudge says:

    What a marvelous tree! And the ice cream cone looks good enough to eat.
    Off to do some hexies myself.

  4. Katarina says:

    Fantastiskt fint träd!

  5. liniecat says:

    thank you for such nice comments folks : )

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