My July hexies

This last month I’ve been travelling around with my hexies, and actually I’ve done a lot. First it’s my La Passion, and it passed 2500 hexies.

The zig-zag quilt got six new blocks.

The pink butterfly quilt also got six new blocks. Same pattern as the above quilt, but other colours.

I made two new stars in France.

This old hexie project is soon ready to be finished. A few more flowers like this, and I can start quilting.

The green flowergarden got two new flowers too. Growing VERY slowly.

And as if these projects wouldn’t be enough, I was tempted to start a new La Passion. This time with other colours and a real mini. The hexies are the same size as the green one above, 1/4″. The first hundred already passed.

On my blog you can read more about all of these projects. See you next month!

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4 Responses to My July hexies

  1. Audrey Lopez says:

    What beautiful projects! Thanks for sharing them and inspiring me!

  2. verpa says:

    OMG, TWO La Passions!! The zig zag in blue-green is gret too.

  3. liniecat says:

    I admire your resolve and love what your making!

  4. Beautiful, beautiful projects! I love the colors of your tiny one at the bottom. I can't believe that all fits across the palm of your hand! The blue/green zigzag looks like it's approaching finish? That's going to look wonderful, whatever it covers. The green La Passion is just stunning. So, okay, all of your work is fabulous! =) I can't believe that even with travel you got so much done!

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