My September hexies

I have two sizes of La Passion. La Petite Passion has got 1/4″ hexies, and this is how it looks like right now.

My green La Passion has passed 2700 hexies (1/2″), and you may see the size when I put it on the car.

I’ve done star number 15 and 16 for my star quilt. I don’t know how big I will make this, but I’ll go on with two stars every month for a while.

Six new blocks for both my half hexagon quilts are joined too.

Then I managed to sew two new flowers for my green flower garden.

I even found an old project, and have to do some few flowers before I can finish it. Hope to show you more next month.

Welcome to my blog to follow the progress on these project as the weeks go by.


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4 Responses to My September hexies

  1. Grit says:

    So many work with hexagons. Turid, you are amazing !!! Looks all so gut. I love to see both “La Passions”.
    Greetings Grit

  2. liniecat says:

    Such smashing hexis Grit – and such cute Dresdens too!

  3. jolie says:

    ypur half hexagons are really nice.

  4. Sheryl S. says:

    Lovely work with so many hexagons, mine are still in a drawer awaiting a destination. I like la passions.

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