Stalked by hexis ~

I’ve been side tracked from making hexis –
and it seems as if I might be meant to get back to making them lol
Yes, that’s what it is – who knew you could get them hexified !


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quilter, crazy quilter and stitcher
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4 Responses to Stalked by hexis ~

  1. A Nudge says:

    LOL – they're everywhere.

  2. cq4fun says:

    LOL, I didn't! What brand is that? I haven't seen it. That's too funny!

  3. liniecat says:

    It was from either B&M or Wilkinsons I think. I grabbed a 4 pack and didn't take note what the name of them was lol
    Couldn't believe it when I noticed the design – er -later !!
    Glad it gave you a smile lol

  4. tubakk says:

    If you are hooked on hexies, you can see them everywhere.

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