Hello!  I am so excited to be part of Hexagon Alley.  You are all so inspirational!!!!  This is my current hexie project.  It is half inch hexies and I think there is enough to do one more round in the lighter fabric.  After that I’m thinking of adding some applique and making it the front of a bag for my cutting mat.
I am attending my first quilt guild meeting next week and we will be learning how to make hexies from a circle of fabric.  I’m looking forward to it and I will share what I learn!
I moved to North Carolina from Australia mid June and was going to write a bit about myself, but would like to share this article instead….I’m very excited about being featured in the Mount Airy newspaper.  It’s about cooking, not quilting, but it tells “my story”!

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6 Responses to G’day!

  1. tubakk says:

    Hexies are always super to sew and to look at. Will be nice on your bag.

  2. Julierose says:

    Hi Sue–I like your fussy cuts around the center and brown path. Nice choice of fabric…hugs, Julierose

  3. That's a great project! Very practical use for it, too. I'll go read the article. Thanks!

  4. Sarah says:

    Welcome to the US!! My step-grandmother was a war bride from one of the 'burbs outside Sydney. She took me to visit family once and I just loved Australia.

  5. Thank you all for the welcome! Australia is a great place, Sarah.

  6. Looks wonderful. I rarely plan things out, but something comes to me. Keep looking at it laid out, and a solution will come. I love the colors you have planned.

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