All the edges of Monet’s City ended up differently–some with two spaces some with one; i am puzzling out how to set this one up…I want to make this center piece on point and work out from there.  
I cut the extra black hexies to fill in and hopefully will work out from there…and so it goes when you didn’t start with a “PLAN” (note to self–draw a plan BEFORE you start!!).

I hand basted all of these this week and some of these:

But I really didn’t like how they looked filling in and moving outward –I had laid them all out and kept on walking by and knowing that something wasn’t right…..

I don’t have any of the original black print left so I am going to use these….
this afternoon I will be basting ….and auditioning…..

And that is my “take one step forward, take a big step backward” PROGRESS (????) this week.  
Hugs from Hexagonia, Julierose La Blageuse


About dezertsuz

quilter, crazy quilter and stitcher
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  1. tubakk says:

    This is just the way these hexie projects are going. And I love it! You've worked a lot the last days.

  2. Julierose says:

    I know it Tubakk; thanks for your kind comment. I guess I did do quite a few–many more to come, too hugs, Julierose

  3. A Nudge says:

    Your piece is coming together beautifully. I look forward to seeing how you decide to set it.

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