Here’s another project that I’m playing with

Found the pattern in this magazine….guess which one it is by the cover!!!

and here are my few that I’ve had the pleasure of creating….

I have loads of bright fabrics so it’s going to be a happy and bright quilt….someday……

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5 Responses to Here’s another project that I’m playing with

  1. tubakk says:

    A good start. Keep on, this is going to be beautiful I can see, with those colours.

  2. Another great design! What is the side measurement of the hexagons you are using?

  3. Julierose says:

    Pretty diamonds! will be looking forward to seeing how it all comes together hugs, Julierose

  4. Mariella says:

    Oh the hexagons….how do I measure? they are smallish….oh the 6 edges measure a bit shy of an inch the width flat side to opposite flat side measures 1 3/8 inch and point to opposite point measures 1 5/8 inches. I got the hexagon pattern from an old quilting book that my mom had. It's the smallest pattern from that book called “Quilting Shortcuts” by Maggie Malone published in 1986.

  5. Mariella says:

    Oh and THANKS for all the positive feedback!

    Oh and I have just thousands and thousands of hexagons which I like to refer to as 'petals'.

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