Bit ‘o Housekeeping for Authors

I don’t think it will take you long to figure out WordPress, since it’s pretty simple. Here are a couple of things to help, plus a couple of requests about your posts.


  • You can choose to use the new WP posting format, or go to the left sidebar and click on Classic Dashboard. Then the classic format comes up.
  • Under the Add Media button, you can also add a YouTube video if you make a tutorial that way. Please keep it to something related to our topic.
  • After choosing Add Media, simply drag your pictures over and drop them. When they are uploaded, go to the right sidebar and choose the position you want from the drop down menu, and then the size you want. Ignore everything else in that section.
  • If you are writing the post in text, which I always do, you can click on the preivew button to see what it looks like. It comes up in a new tab.
  • If you want to schedule a post for later, you can edit the time and day of the post where it reads “Publish immediately – Edit” in the right sidebar.


  • Each time you post, please go to the Category in the right sidebar and choose your name. Just click in the box.
  • Each time you post, please choose a tag or two which is applicable to the topic of that post. Please try to find a tag that is already there and applies.

    I go through periodically and remove tags which have only 1 post.

    The most common tags will come up if you click on “Choose from the most used tags” and you can scroll through them.

    If you type two letters and there is anything close to that, a list will come up. Keep typing letters to refine the list and then you can either finish the word exactly as it is in the list, or you can click on the word in the list that you want.

    Don’t forget to click the add button after you have chosen tags. I often did the category and tags for you on Blogspot, but I hope you will add them yourselves now.

  • When you post, your name in the contributor list will turn blue.

If you have any questions, click that E-mail me button!


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One Response to Bit ‘o Housekeeping for Authors

  1. Thank you Dezertsuz! I just learned some more new things about wordpress. I have switched my own blog to wordpress. It seems easier to use.

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