Like moths to flames

My girls are still to young to drop off at activities and pick them up when they are done. This means I do a lot of sitting and waiting. I always have a project of some kind with me, my hexagon kit is the most frequent. And while I have the kit to make the hexies, I have never brought the box full to work on flowers before. I did the other day, and man, the kids at dance were attracted to them like moths to flames. Their dance teachers had to come out to the waiting room and call them into dance!

They played with different layouts of the completed flowers, made more flowers for me to sew, stacked and sorted by colors… they were entranced! It is amazing how we are drawn to color, pattern, and manipulation, regardless of age.


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3 Responses to Like moths to flames

  1. Yes, it is amazing. I was at a department store recently waiting for my Mom who was getting a fitting and I had two adults (not with each other) come over and start asking me about my hand project. They were so interested.

  2. Susan says:

    I love this post, and that picture is priceless!

  3. liniecat says:

    Priceless indeed – the flowers look like jewels somehow : )

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