From Lyn

Lyn had some trouble posting so I’m putting this up for her. This is from January 19.


Waving here from a lightly snowed on UK:) I am working up to going outdoors to scrape off my windscreen – so thought I would test the theory that I have finally managed to transfer myself to the new WordPress blog here, before girding my loins for that chilly job.

I also have become hooked on the The New Hexagon – Millefiori Block a Month quilt., the book being as previously mentioned in posts by Katja Murek. I had the book already and then saw that she was going to run the BOM, so naturally had to jog along with the idea and I was going to do this with my stash. Ha!

Some £200 later and having succumbed to a few vintage cotton offcuts and a variety of other fabrics online, I still somehow don’t think I have quite the right fabrics I want! I dare say you’ll recognise that feeling some of you lol

This is my rosette 1 of the series, it should be made up of 37 x 3″ hexi blocks in 4 rounds but mine is probably staying put at 3 rounds now. The reason being that, having started with what I thought was a striking centre (and only having a fat quarter of that fabric ) I managed to tie myself in knots trying to select which fabrics to use on which blocks, in each round. I was overthinking it I suppose. I simply couldn’t decide on what colours and fabrics to use in round 4, to lighten off the edges.

Anyway my round 3 has ended up with some of the round 4 blocks in it so I could call it quits and start another version : ) Like my old Yorkshire Gran used to say

“A man on a galloping horse won’t notice” – she had some rare sayings that old girl.

And she would have been right, I still quite like the rosette but whether it will go in the final quilt or be a stand alone something else, will depend on what colour combinations I use for the other 11 months rosettes later.

These rosettes do grow rapidly mind you, and that’s rather nice and then you piece them skew whiff together, offsetting some to form a nicely designed jumbly layout.

The only downside is that being someone who prefers to use recycled fabrics, I have succumbed ( some might think its paranoia surfacing) and bought a lot new lol but I have also bought several large skirts from charity shops for the yardage in those and for the fabric itself.

Anyway it is worth taking a look at the Facebook group page, now with 800+ members and see what others are making – it’s inspirational and, if you heve the self discipline to not join in, a delightful visit! And of course, it’s it’s own little Hexi World! What’s not to love about that!

If the link doesn’t take you there, search on Facebook for The New Hexagon Millefiori group and am sure it will pop up. You can scroll through and view without joining, but if you want to comment you need to follow along with us. And it will be hard not being to oooh and ahhhh in print I warn you!


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2 Responses to From Lyn

  1. Susan says:

    In spite of how modern this is, there’s still a sort of traditional feeling to it. I don’t know how you did that with your modern fabric center! It’s really beautiful. Now I’m going to be interested in how you change things for the others.

  2. mariellajo says:

    Lyn, I think that your rosette is brilliant! I know about the problems of second guessing and torturing yourself over choices!! I just don’t seem to be able to start work on the February Rosette for lack of spine to actually make a start and start cutting up fabrics!!! I know that once I dive in it will all come together but the more I think about it the more wishy washy I become! Just keep up the old work! It’s really fun spending time on the facebook site seeing what everyone else has done!

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