QuiltCon Hexagons

Our beloved hexagons made a respectable showing at QuiltCon in Austin this year. I didn’t go, but several friends sent me either their photos or blog posts with photos, so here are some I saw.

Photos and credits for first two, which are prize winners, from Christa Quilts.

Miniature 1st Place – Modern Challenge by Catherine Redford, Naperville, Illinois

Handwork, Small 1st Place – Modern Mini by Carolyn Braun, Lanoka Harbor, New Jersey

I’m not sure where I found this one, and I don’t have any information about it. If you see something, let me know. I love it and would like to credit the maker, at least.


Color Me Quilty caught the edge of this one when she was taking a photo of a different quilt behind it. I can’t get the label quite large enough to read who made it, but the quilting is very visible and looks fabulous! Millefiori style.


Found on the The Modern Quilt Guild site: “Geometric Rainbow by Nicole Daksiewicz. This quilt uses EVERY color from the Kona solids collection — all 303 of them.”


Not bad, eh?


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3 Responses to QuiltCon Hexagons

  1. anudge says:

    Thanks! Always fun to see hexies. Now tell me what makes that quilt millefiori like – I love it but am new to the concept.

  2. Lyn Lewis says:

    Hexification rules!!

  3. yES, Thanks for Sharing! Great quilts all but the one with the colour wheel and the one that uses all the Kona Colours I find very compelling – Oh and I have to love the Millefiore too!! but each is special in it’s own way!! Great to see the Hexies Represented!!

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