A hexie medallion

On my design wall – the center of a baby quilt:

This is an antique rose star block I read about on Mary Huey’s blog. Click here to read about it.  I was so enchanted with it I bought the template set.  It is easier than I thought.  And it makes a big star – 20″ point to Point; 18″ side to side.  Check it out.  All one needs is one star to make a baby quilt.  Yes, I make smaller baby quilts – not crib quilts – baby quilts.  As a mom and grandma of two preemies, I’ve discovered that the 30- 36 inch quilts are much easier to use with newborns and under one year olds in bassinets and play pens, strollers or car seats, so that’s what I gift to new parents. For this hexie star I’m planning to put rows around it and eventually triangles with a finishing border. And since here in CA we have such hot summers, probably just fabric for the back instead of flannel.

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2 Responses to A hexie medallion

  1. dezertsuz says:

    What amazes me about this is that it’s an antique and it looks so up-to-date today!

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