Making Hexagons From Circles

No templates needed at all!

You will have to look elsewhere for size of circles.

On my showing, this was followed immediately by a video on sewing hexagons by machine.

U Can Quilt 2, in 2013, Showed starting with a five inch circle and pressing each step instead of stitching. She didn’t say what size that made, but it looks like it might be an inch and a half side?

Nita posted this in 2012. The hexagon will be about half the size of the circle. I’m not sure if she meant sides or across the center, but I suspect the latter.

Otherwise, just experiment. Try Nita’s suggestion as a starting point for size.

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3 Responses to Making Hexagons From Circles

  1. knettycraft says:

    It’s maths: the diameter of the hexagon is the same like the radius of the circle you start with 🙂

  2. mariellajo says:

    This is all so very intriguing. I just wonder about the accuracy but I suppose I’ll have to try it out. It uses a lot more fabric, though. But cutting down time is huge!! It all comes down to, “Is my time worth the cost of the lost fabric?” Probably!!

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