Great Idea For Fussy Cutting

Katy had a great idea for working out where her center hexagon should be cut from fabric. Check out the two ways she did it!

Is anyone making any hexagons this summer? No one is posting progress. I haven’t made any, but I did recently acquire the embroideries for the framed hexagons from Designs by Fee at Craftsy. She sells them in two groups, first year and second year. They are so adorable! I’ll be working on those come September.

What is everyone else doing with hexagons right now? Anyone doing Lucy Boston? That was so tempting! Fee sells a design template sheet to print the papers for that for $2. Click the photo link below.


I love the way this traditional fabric was cut for the one on the left, but look at the fussy cutting on the one on the right!


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One Response to Great Idea For Fussy Cutting

  1. anudge says:

    I don’t dare start another project, but this is near the top of my list for hand stitching. Thanks for the reminder, Susan.

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