Hexagons on a plane

Much better then snakes in a plane, in my opinion.

I travelled back home to Seattle for a quick visit and my trusty hexagon kit came with me. This is the first time in 7 years that I have flown without a child in tow. I could barely contain myself!

I have been itching to see 2 years of work come together, rather then hoarding more hexagons and flowers, so I set to work stitching the white flowers together . So, so satisfying to have something coming together.

As usual, when working on hexagons on a flight, I attract all sorts of attention. People sitting around me, people passing by on their way to the restroom, the flight attendants…all curious and interested in what I am working on. One flight attendant said she was going to the quilt store as soon as she got home and get supplies for her and her daughter. 🙂 Share the addiction, I mean, love!

IMG_3613IMG_3612IMG_3611IMG_3535* Playing around with the layout. It is about baby quilt size now.

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2 Responses to Hexagons on a plane

  1. dezertsuz says:

    I love your center, and that’s such a great story of sharing the … uh, love. LOL Seeing it laid out on the floor is great. I love the color circles.

  2. mariellajo says:

    I have had the same response to my travel hexies too! and I like your post title “Hexies on a plane”!! I agree Hexies beat Snakes on a plane every time!!! Your project plan is fabulous! I too have just 10’s of thousands of hexagons hoarded but have NOT started my planned project yet……I keep thinking….I just need a few more of this that or the other color of hexagons before I start!!! LOL!!! It’s called “Fear of Starting”!!

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