Medallion Done

Medallion done and first border finished. Now working on second border.  This is filling my resting time as I watch all the episodes of Star Wars.  I saw VI and just had to go back and refresh my memory of those.  Happy New Year!

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7 Responses to Medallion Done

  1. dezertsuz says:

    That’s so pretty! We went to see The Force Awakens last weekend and it was so good! The best since the first, I think. If you run out of movies, my son said to tell you there are several seasons of anime Clone Wars times on Netflix. Of course, there’s also Star Trek. =)

    • anudge says:

      All right! I’ve seen just one of the Clone Wars animated episodes and was very impressed. And I just signed up for Netflix last month. Lots of hexies are going to get done while I watch them. Thank your son for letting me know. I agree – I wasn’t too keen on the prequels except that they filled in the story. I love Star Trek too! Signed up for NF so that I could see all the seasons of ST Voyager – didn’t get to see many of those.

      • mariellajo says:

        I just signed up for Netflix too but I’m watching “The Walking Dead” and there’s no way I could sew while I watch this show!!! I’m on the edge of my chair every moment!!! YIKES!!! I’d better go over to “Downton Abbey” next if I expect to hexagon while I watch TV. LOL!!!

  2. vivjm says:

    Star Wars & hexies – a perfect match! I really enjoyed the new movie and am also tempted to go back and watch the originals!

  3. mariellajo says:

    Next project you have going here! I like your color combos!

  4. snowdropfairy4 says:

    I’m loving your fabric/color choices!

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