I don’t like it.  Why didn’t I stop and take a photo?  I was so into making diamonds, I didn’t stop and see what I was creating.  And now it’s all together and darn if I didn’t lose my center circle and those blue ones make for odd shaped rosettes!

They have to come out.  I made some various hexies and tried them out and found a solution.  But it’s going to take a while.  So far I’ve taken three out and what a chore that was with invisible thread! I learned:

  1. It’s going to be tricky since I removed the papers from the hexagons. So the ones I use to reconstruct will have to have the papers, so that means new ones – not using the old ones I take off elsewhere as I first thought.
  2. In order to rip out the stitches (which are very hard to see) I must put the two hexies with the seam between them right sides together, sit where the lamp is shining over my shoulder to make the stitches appear. Then I can see to rip.
  3. It’s a good thing I ties off at both ends of each small seam or the hexies would fall apart with this deconstruction
  4. Sew the three I am removing into a shape before I add them back.
Little by little….
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2 Responses to Argggh!

  1. dezertsuz says:

    I love it! Don’t take them out. It will be different from your plan, but it’s beautiful and subtle. I love it.

  2. anudge says:

    Too late, already took out the first set. But thanks for your kind words.

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