Quilting Your Hexagons

Do you ever go and prowl around sites like Geta’s? She does amazing hexagon quilts, and in 2013, she did a post on how to quilt them. In this post, she shows both actual quilts, closely enough to see the quilting, and drawings indicating direction to quilt and design variations.


In addition, she has a download of practice hexagon pages (and the download does still work), as well as an e-book. You must give your e-mail address and agree to receive occasional e-mails, and then the .pdf book is sent to you.

Thanks to Angie for sending the link to me.

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One Response to Quilting Your Hexagons

  1. Jill S. says:

    Thanks for sharing! I’ve bookmarked Geta’s blog so I can poke around there when I have more time! I’ve been wondering how I’ll quilt my hexie quilt…now I have an idea to think about.

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