Hexathon: Block 1 – Westminster

So, I’m a little late getting going, and not finished yet, but here is some progress! This is block one from Barbara Brackman’s William Morris Hexathon.


It’s reminiscent of the Westminster Abbey tiles by the altar, so she called it Westminster. I’ve 2 more triangles to baste – and I’ve never done these shapes before, so I had to figure it out – and I didn’t figure it out right! I was trying the traditional applique methods for those corners, and that’s not what you do. I finally checked on YouTube (thank goodness for that and Wikipedia!), and I’ll do better on block 2, which is already out.


I wanted to use the Morris prints, but my older ones are in storage, and I can’t afford new fabric right now – especially since I have tons of fabric right here. I chose to mix two Bali Crackers I got on sale sometime last year. They are the Handpainted Batik Squares in Breakers (the dark blue-teal) and 2 from Rum Raisin – the prints. The dark print was actually hanging Japanese lanterns. You can see a bit of one on the tip of the dark piece on the right.


I’m happy with the color choices, now we’ll see how the piecing goes!


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3 Responses to Hexathon: Block 1 – Westminster

  1. mariellajo says:

    Great Stars!!! You are onto something spectacular. I’ll be watching for your progress!

  2. snowdropfairy4 says:

    I can’t wait to see this progress!

  3. mariellajo says:

    This is a lovely color combo and the pieces are going together perfectly! Great Work!!!

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