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Two posts from me after nothing in a long time! It’s a back to school miracle! Okay, not a miracle, but I stumbled across this idea and thought it was too genius not to share. http://gaillizette.blogspot.com/2014/05/i-have-committed.html

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Free Tutorial on Starting EPP

Free Quilt Patterns has put up a tutorial on how to get started with EPP by Florence of Flossie Tea Cakes. You can download the .pdf through Print Friendly from her site, and there’s also a link to her current … Continue reading

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I’ve been on a couple of coach trips and took my little suitcase with hexis to stitch during the journeys and made quite a lot, but guess what?There were other hexis to see ~ in Warwick Castle for example ( she’s … Continue reading

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Hexi kit

I picked up these cute little suitcases at ‘The Works’ last week, one set of 3 for £6 or 2 sets for £10! So cute – and so cute, I had to buy them lol Tomorrow I’m off on an overnight … Continue reading

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Everybody is making so many lovely projects

And I’m still just making my ‘petals’!  So I have NOT posted – but now I feel I must make an accounting of myself!  Not long ago someone posted their Hexagon Project Box.  Last weekend I covered a Cream Cheese … Continue reading

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Just making "Petals" and storing them AND Starting to make flowers

these are the Lights These are the Mediums  And the Darks these 3 first bins are for my background of my project in the photo below  Various Colors  Kaffe Fasset Fabrics and Neutrals  More Colors And some Flowers So you … Continue reading

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Update Rosettes

Slowly but every day a rosette makes a Quilt in one year???

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