My Bliss Project

It feels so good to start a new hexagon project.  Go here , page 19,  to see the Bliss project created by Julia Wood.  This will take awhile as I learn to sew curved pieces to make up a hexagon, but Julia has some very helpful videos.  I’m going to take my time with this one.img_6412_edited

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The Little Things Count

While I was strolling through the internet when I should have been stitching, I came across this great tutorial for Hexagon Coasters from 2012.


It was part of


and there may be other gems waiting to be discovered by going to other sites in that blog hop. Christmas is coming!

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Sweetest little collection

Go here:  to see the sweetest  collection of little Hexagon quilts that Katy has made.

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Is anyone else doing these blocks from Barbara Brackman? Here is the latest one, #22, Hyde Park.

Barbara doesn’t tag or categorize, so the only way to really locate them easily is to start with her post listing on the side. Scroll down to the bottom and look on the right sidebar. Click on 2016, and then April. The first post listed there (which is actually the last April post, as these go from bottom to top) is the introduction. Then in May, you will start seeing the posts. All of them have Hexathon in the title, so that makes it a little easier to find them.

Yay, #4 finished – Box Hill:


#5, Upton, basted and ready to stitch quickly.


Hexathon #5 was the first one in June, so I’m really way behind, but I’m taking it at my own pace. Just in case you hadn’t figured that out! Some are easier than others, some quite complicated. Several have more than one possible look, depending on how you color them. I’m enjoying my slow stitching of them. And I absolutely LOVE the glue method of basting IF, and only if, I’m using the Bohin glue pen. I tried regular glue sticks and they hold the fabric on the cardboard pieces WAY too hard, so you have to almost shred it to get it off. The Bohin is quite easy to peel away from.

If you want to start, and don’t want to cut your own pieces, which I found tricky on the very first block, you can look at my post here to find out which Paper Pieces to order for the first six blocks. Those pieces will be needed for other blocks, too, so you aren’t paying for pieces for just one block when you buy them.

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Always interested on Hexagon Tricks

Here’s Anita Grossman Solomon showing us another way to cut hexagons:

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Help Me, Hexies

I’m working on a couple of WIPs, but this one has my hexie stars.  I really want to get a move on it,  but ???   I don’t like it. Something is missing.  Are the Broderie Pers flowers too small?  Looks like I’ll have to go on to plan B.  Ugh. You can read more here…     Yes there will be more Broderie Pers  – just showing the corner possibility. And yes the center has white.  Thanks ever so much.


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Mariana’s La Passion

Mariana Nortje gave me permission to post these pictures of her beautiful La Passion quilt. She is quite well along on the quilting now,

Disnis Two 46 3

And a corner view:

Corner 1

And a close-up:

Disnis Two 27  1

It took 10 months and 16 days to make the top, and there is 7 months of quilting in it already. Mariana said she is overdoing the quilting. Is that even possible? She has quilted in EVERY hexagon and some as many as three times.

Wouldn’t you love to see this up close? You can! Mariana’s quilt will be displayed in the 2019 Karlsruhe, Germany, show of the La Passion quilts. That would be so awesome to attend!

I know others have been or are working on the La Passion design. If you have progress, why not give us an update?

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