Great Present for Your Hexagon EPP Friends

Hexie Friend is a hexagon-shaped sewing pouch to hold all the goodies we seem to need to piece our little projects. Click the link to go to the Craftsy pattern page to see the outside and the inside. The pattern is $6, and I suspect it’s worth every penny.

I ran across this on an FNSI blog – I Am. It’s #11 on the list, if you want to see the one she made and read about her experience with it.

Sorry, no picture, didn’t want to take one from either place.

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Piecing the Past Photo

Sunday Pics this last week was great! We all love hexagons, or we wouldn’t hang out here on the Alley. Now see a photo of others who loved them in the past. Doesn’t that just look like a great activity we’d enjoy still?

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Almost Finished Camelot Star

Linking with Anthea/Hibiscus Stitches for Piece Yourself Together.

Only one side on each gold diamond is not yet attached. I’m happy this one is almost finished!


This is Block 3 in the Hexathon on Material Culture by Barbara Brackman.

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Windham Christmas Storybook Table Topper

Debby Kratovil has done it again! She’s shown how to make a perfectly lovely hexagon table topper with the help a ruler you most likely already have! It’s a great tutorial for making larger hexagons, so head over there to look, BUT there’s more!

Windham is giving away a FQ bundle of these fabrics! Just read the post to see how you might win it! I don’t know how many FQs, so it may not be all of these that are in the line.


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Hexathon #2: Crystal Palace

Linking with Piece Yourself Together on Hibiscus Stitches. Look on the sidebar.

There were two choices about this one, and I took the easy one because there are going to be a lot of hard ones! This is from Barbara Brackman’s Hexathon BOW. That’s the pinterest pin for this block, and the url is there to link with it.


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A different technique

This video popped up in my Facebook feed, an interesting way to make hexagons…

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Hexathon: Westminster, Block One

There is a Hexathon block every week. This is the one from May 7. So I’m only 8 behind! I’m happy to have finished this one. I’ve done hexagons for probably 30 years, and they are cinchy. Actually, my first quilt ever started (1968) was hexagons, but I was so ignorant then! I found out, so surprising, that diamonds are a completely different from hexagons! Plenty to learn about them yet, but this block is labelled finished until I have to join it to something else.


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